I. Scope of Application

These general terms and conditions govern all services and deliveries provided by our company. If we make changes to these terms and conditions before the contract's termination, the updated version becomes part of the contract when the partner is informed in writing, and the partner does not object within 14 days. Guest's terms and conditions will be considered only if our company agrees in writing, either in full or for specific points.


II. Contract Formation

The contract, also referred to as the "Booking," is established upon the Guest's request and our acceptance. We may confirm the booking in writing. If a third party books on behalf of the Guest, they are jointly liable with the Guest.


III. Services, Prices, Payment, Billing

We are obliged to provide the services ordered and agreed upon by the Guest. The Guest must pay the agreed prices for these services, including hotel services and expenses for third parties. In case of a valid rescission by us, the Guest has no right to compensation. Prices include applicable taxes, and any tax rate changes will adjust the prices accordingly. If the contract fulfillment period exceeds four months and the general price for services increases, we can raise the price by up to 5%.


We may increase prices due to higher municipal duties (e.g., culture tax) within limits. Invoices are due immediately upon receipt, without deductions, unless agreed otherwise. We can aggregate payment claims at any time and demand immediate payment. In case of delayed payment, we can charge interest. We may also request an advance payment or security deposit, and non-payment may lead to contract withdrawal.


IV. Room Availability, Check-in, and Check-out

Guests do not have a specific room guarantee unless confirmed in writing. Rooms are available from the hotel's check-in time, and early check-in is subject to availability. Rooms must be occupied by 18:00 on the day of arrival. Late arrivals require a guarantee. After check-out time, additional room usage incurs charges. Other claims for damages by the hotel are reserved.


V. Guest's Cancellation

Cancellation requires our prior written consent. Without consent, the Guest must pay 100% of the agreed price for unoccupied rooms. If a free cancellation deadline was agreed, the right to cancel expires if not exercised within the agreed period. Services affected by the cancellation must be paid in full.


VI. Event Cancellation

Cancellation without charges must be agreed in writing. Otherwise, we may charge hire costs for event rooms and preparation costs based on specific timelines. For food and drink sales, additional costs apply based on the time of cancellation. Guests can prove lower or no loss.


VII. Company's Rescission

We can withdraw from the contract if the Guest has a rescission option, or if an advance payment is not made. We can also claim damages. Immediate rescission may occur due to specific reasons, such as acts of God, illegal purposes, or unauthorized sub-leasing.


VIII. Number of Participants and Event Location Changes

Changes in the number of participants must be communicated in writing 7 days before the event. Increases require our written consent. Exceeding 10% may lead to room changes. We may also change the event location. Changes in start and finish times may incur additional costs.


IX. Food and Drink

Only the hotel provides food and drink. Exceptions require prior written consent, and "corkage" charges may apply. The Guest is responsible for the quality of food and drinks brought in and absolves the hotel from third-party claims.


X. Technical Equipment and Connections

Use of the hotel's technical equipment or connections is subject to written consent. Failure correction is prompt, and costs are not retained unless we are responsible. The hotel may charge power costs for external equipment usage.


XI. Music Shows and Exhibitions

Guests are responsible for obtaining permissions and paying fees for third-party rights affected by events.


XII. Decoration and Exhibits

Guests are responsible for their items in event rooms. Damages or losses are our responsibility only if gross negligence or intent is proven. Decorations must comply with fire regulations.


XIII. Guest's Liability

The organizer is liable for damages to the company/hotel caused by participants, staff, or third parties.


XIV. Defects and Cooperation

Guests must report defects promptly, and we aim to remedy them. Cooperation to minimize damages is expected.


XV. Company's Liability

We conduct our duties diligently. Damages are generally excluded but may apply for specific cases.


XVI. Final Provisions

Any alterations or additions to the contract must be in writing. The place of fulfillment and payment is our registered office. The exclusive jurisdiction for commercial issues is our registered office or the revenue manager's office. The agreement is governed by Indian law. Invalid provisions do not affect the remaining terms, and statutory rules apply.